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About Loni's Candles

If you've wanted to find the right place to get the feeling of warmth and luxury, you've found it!

Originated in New Jersey back in October 2020, Loni's Candles made it their mission to bring people the utmost amount of luxury they have to offer! There are two talented ladies who run the show, CEO & founder Loni K. and her assistant manager Lyndon S., who work hard to bring every member the best that they have to offer! 

Loni's Candles is a great shop with a great selection of home fragrance options. With soy-based products, figure out which suits your home! From candles to wax melts, and even room sprays! They have a few different options! From the variety of sizes to over twenty different scents to choose from, you're bound to find something that fits your desires to make you feel warm and luxurious!

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