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Meet the person who started it all! Loni is the Owner of Loni’s Candles. She always has a bubbly personality and want’s to help make sure you get the best experience and the best products we have to offer. Loni currently makes all the products, designs all the labels & current social media posts. She’s invested so much time in order to ensure that Loni’s Candles can flourish into its best possible self! There's nothing more that motivates her besides working towards growing her business so one day, she can work on it full-time!

Loni is a business major and is currently going for her associate's in Business Management. When she isn't doing school work or business work, she can be found cheering on from the sidelines for her brother, tapping away at dance, or hanging out in her room reading from her favorite author Colleen Hoover.

When it comes to her favorite candle scents, the earthy/woody notes are her favorite to light year-round. It brings her the feeling of being on a hike or camping. 

Meet The Team: Meet The Team

Lyndon S.

Assistant Manager

Lyndon is the assistant manager of Loni's Candles! She helps out a lot at the variety of vendor events, as well as posting on our different social platforms!

Lyndon is a Criminal Justice major who wishes to someday become a detective! When Lyndon isn't studying or helping out with the business, she can be seen playing a multitude of video games and reading different kinds of books during her free time!

When it comes to Lyndon's favorite candle scents, she prefers the fruity and floral scents because they remind her of the summer time!

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